23.05.2019, 19 Uhr
SPACE IS THE PLACE (4/4) – Intergalactic
06.06.2019, 16 Uhr
Intergalactic (1/2) – Buchvorstellung ‚Memories of the Moon Age‘ von Lukas Feireiss
06.06.2019, 18 Uhr
Intergalactic (2/2) – Performance ‚Voyage: A Session to Remember‘ von Nahum

001_Nuotama Bodomo, Screenshot aus dem Kurzfilm Afronauts, 2014. Courtesy of the artist.

Caroline Corbasson_Bending Space 01

002_Caroline Corbasson, 1910, Mayo 6, 2016, Folded paper / 30 x 23,7cm / Unique / framed. Courtesy the artist and galerie Laurence Bernard, Geneva.

003_Alicja Kwade, Mini Mobile, 2017, iPhone, stone, chain, motor, dimensions variable, unique. Courtesy the artist and KÖNIG GALERIE.

Nahum2018 Kopie

004_Nahum, Voyage: A Session to Remember… Courtesy the artist.

005_Michael Najjar, orbital ascent, 2016, 182 x 280 cm, aus der Serie „outer space“, courtesy Wemhöner Collection.


006_Tom Sachs, Glove (Right), 2011, Tyvek, synthetic polymer paint on plywood, velcro, rubber. 14.5 H x 7 W x 7 D inches. S/N: 2011.123.0002. Fotografie: Kevin Todora 2017.

001_’Memories of the Moon Age‘ von Lukas Feireiss, Spector Books (2016).

002_’Der Traum von der Reise zum Mond‘ von Lukas Feireiss, Spector Books (2016).

001_Performance ‚Voyage: A Session to Remember‘ by Nahum.