Stop making sense, it’s as good as it gets.

April 2017 - July 2018

Do Things – an Exhibition by Something Fantastic
22 June – 29 October 2017

‘Do Things’ is a momentary collection of things that a) are done by SF, b) are beautiful, c) are found in Rio de Janeiro, d) are part of the academic canon, e) are copied, f) are from Borges, g) have no name yet, h) look like designed without design intentions, i) hold ideas for a brighter future, j) are simple, k) inspire. – Something Fantastic, 2017

This short manifesto by Something Fantastic is not only a reference to Jorge Luis Borges’ fictitious Chinese encyclopedia* but demonstrates the architects’ approach to practice: to shape the future with the existing and found, its hidden multiple possibilities still remaining in the dark, reaching beyond current classification systems. For their field research, Something Fantastic leave what is usually thought of as the realms of “classical architecture” to create heterogeneous spaces—applying a similar technique as philosopher Michel Foucault, who quotes Borges’ encyclopedia in The Order of Things.

Something Fantastic’s free-wheeling approach derives from the group’s deep interest in the world and their belief that architecture is affected by everything and vice versa does affect everything, combined with their conviction that a conscious thriving for beauty can make the world a better place. They travel as anthropologists of the present, photographing and archiving architectural moments, focusing on the interaction of materiality and atmosphere. And—just as anthropologists— they ‘write’ everything down, but don’t stop at interpreting and categorizing. They rather re-place the existing yet foreign into the known to produce beauty to change the world, shape the future and make people happy.